An Introduction to Planetary Magic

Thursday, Sept 5, 7-9pm

In this lecture Michael will introduce the subject of Astral Magic, its origins and practice and give ways in which one can bring it into their life, connecting and aligning with the cosmos. $30.

Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology
Friday, Sept 6, 7-9pm

Hellenistic Astrology is the oldest strata in ‘horoscopic’ (ascendent based) astrology and the fountain head of our western tradition.
Based on his research into Hellenistic foundational texts, and more than a decade of practice, Michael will guide new beginners, as well as astrologers in the corridors of this ancient system, its many facets and its most fundamental cosmological and philosophical principals. $30.

Workshop on Planetary Magic
“The Secret Fire”
Saturday, Sept 7, 11-6pm

All ancient cultures revered the starry sky, planets and luminaries. Understanding their intimate connection to nature and human life, they created ways of vitalising and strengthening these astral bonds, participating in their powers and harmonizing with the rhythm of the cosmos.

Western Astrological Magic is the art of aligning oneself with the heavenly bodies, drawing on their celestial powers, and creating Talismanic vessels and images to capture and animate their virtues.

In this workshop we will learn the theory and practice of Astral Magic, touching on the most essential elements of this ancient art, as a philosophy, a practice and a way of life.
We will learn techniques to connect with the pulsating powers of the cosmos, reawakening the astral bonds in our soul, aligning ourselves to the luminaries, planets and stars.

In this workshop we will learn:

  • The history of Planetary Magic
  • The Philosophy and cosmology of Astral Magic
  • How to align our life to the heavens
  • How to draw on Planetary powers
  • The art of creating Planetary Talismans [for power, health and protection etc.]

“The Fire of the gods shines brilliantly an undivided flame without sound, and it fills all the depths of the world like a conflagration” ~ Iamblichus

$120 pre-reg by Sept 4, $135 after.

michaelofekMichael Ofek is a professional astrologer, writer and teacher from Israel.

He has been practicing and researching the traditional lineage of astrology with an emphasis on Hellenistic astrology and its connection with Greco-Egyptian Cosmology, Philosophy and Magic. His passion lies in unveiling and reconstructing the conceptual roots of the tradition and the reintegration of these ancient arts.

He is also the Co-founder of the Israeli professional astrology magazine “Urania”, which also produces yearly conferences and workshops.