globalhealingmeditationGlobal Healing Meditation
Wednesdays | 9PM EDT – 6PM PDT

Please join us in a 30 minute guided World Healing Meditation led by Nick Lasky – Psychic, Astrologer, Healer the First Wednesday of every month at 9pm EDT | 6PM PDT.

We will be creating a grid of light on the planet to spread peaceful, healing, and harmonious energy at this time. Please tune in and listen wherever you are and connect to The Grid.

Here is the link to watch for:

Wed, Feb 3:

***NOTE: The Grid Meditations are now monthly on the first Wednesday of every month at 9pm EST.

This is a FREE meditation. PLEASE SHARE with everyone you know who might like to participate and tell them to share widely as well! The more minds and hearts we have connected with meditation the more powerful we can be in re-harmonizing the love and peace on the planet.

If you are able, please light a candle on your altar or somewhere near your screen.