Genius Mathematician & Pythagorean Numerologist Eleftherios Argyropoulos Presents Working with the Olympian Gods | November 20, 2021 @3pm on ZOOM

Miss the live lecture? Video recording available!

November 20, 2021
3-5pm on ZOOM

In this lecture you will learn through Pythagorean Numerology and the magical tradition of Ancient Greece how to work with Olympian Gods and Goddesses. Explore a deeper and unique perspective on communing with these ancient deities.

Eleftherios Argyropoulos, a famous Greek Mathematician, holds the world record for the most proofs of Pythagoras’ theorem, at 530. As a Hellenic Language Code expert Eleftherios Argyropoulos made an incredibly accurate prediction in August of 2020. Predicting not only the win of Joe Biden, but also the date that the US Congress would validate him as the 46th US President…! Eleftherios has predicted that covid-19 was about to become a worldwide epidemic since the end of February of 2020, when he posted his prediction on his facebook profile. He has also predicted that the covid-19 vaccine will be available in 2021. Moreover, as it can be proved through his facebook profile, he made incredible predictions about intensive seismic activity after the 15th of December of 2020.

Tuition: $45. Call 804-353-5575 to register.