Date: Wednesday 21 February 2024

Time: 07:00pm

Place: 12 S. Thompson

Evening with Arcturians

Julia is a trance medium, meaning that as she channels, the entity is able to control her voice, movements, and animation.  During this class she will channel Arcturians which are benevolent extraterrestrials from the 7th dimension.  They will offer teachings that can assist those on the earth plane and a guided meditation. To conclude there will be an integration circle to process the information and energy.  This class is very experimental and will unfold according to the combined energies of those who choose to participate.

Julia-Abeyta-Headshot-smallerJulia finds purpose and fulfillment in assisting others through spiritual counseling and readings.  She is a channel, medium, empath, artist, and mother who is on a lifelong journey of learning and healing.

Feb 21, 7-9PM

Cost: $33

Call 804-354-5501 to register.