Date: Sunday 15 October 2017

Time: 07:30pm

Place: Crystal Gallery

Aquarian House of Astrology Presents:

The Choice of the Heart: Breath of the Soul Meditation®

Aquarian House of Astrology

Sound healer, vibrational essence practitioner and astrologer Adam Gainsburg will transmit the important astrological configurations currently catalyzing life on Earth, including Chiron opposite Mars, with Jupiter and Mercury on the other side of the Sun from us. This “map” of our local system will serve as the celestial ground for a guided Breath of the Soul Meditation by Adam. The Breath of the Soul is a gentle, elegant experience of expanding into our full spaciousness, without ever leaving our body! Adam’s books and CDs will be available for purchase.

New and experienced students of Astrology are invited to attend the monthly meetings of the Aquarian House of Astrology. Come learn a new topic and share your love of  Astrology with others in RVA!

$20 | 7:30-9:30 pm | Call 804.257.5575 to register.


Adam Gainsburg Astrologer Healer AuthorAdam Gainsburg is a teacher, author and creative whose work bridges the power of the human heart, the spaciousness of the human mind, the bliss of the human body and the multidimensional nature of our universe. He is the originator of an elegant breath meditation practice, known as Breath of the Soul®. His Soulsign Astrology emphasizes our direct experience of our charts creating a living relationship with astrology that is accessible, vital and liberating.

Adam maintains a private consulting and counseling practice  and is the author of four CDs, numerous mp3’s and videos, as well as four astrology books, the most recent of which presents a full system for empowering our inner feminine (men and women) into our life’s dharma.

Adam has also brought forth a line of evolutionary vibrational essences, and creates personal blends upon request. He has guest lectured to Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Gateway Course, appeared on XM-radio, Broadminded, and has been featured in the popular Men’s Health and VEGAS magazines. You can learn more about Adam or contact him at and 505.333.9231