Date: Saturday 08 April 2023

Time: 11:00am

Place: 12 South Thompson

Birth Chart Workshop

Saturday, April 8 – Sunday, April 9
HYBRID: In Person @ The Aquarian & via Zoom

Instructor: Nick Lasky

Do you want to take your ability to interpret an astrological birth chart to the next level? During this weekend workshop Nick will teach various techniques and approaches to decoding natal charts. Filled with many teachings, practicing, live class readings, discussion, prize giveaways, and so much more.

What you can expect to learn:

– Most important first steps in reading a chart

– A proven step-by-step approach

– How to understand someone’s higher calling, purpose, and resonant career paths

– All about relationships: tendencies, attractions, compatibility, typical roles we embody, blockages, and more

– Emotional needs, major life challenges, and areas of growth

– How to discern the most important areas of life

– Where to prioritize time and energy for the most fulfilling life

– How to discern information about any area of life interpreting houses, planets, and rulerships

– And so much more!


Saturday, Apr 8, 11am-9pm EST (Lunch + Dinner Breaks)

Sunday, Apr 9, 10am-6:30pm EST (Lunch Break)

For those that desire we will use birth charts of attendants as examples to study and learn together.

This workshop is for both beginners and intermediate astrologers. Though it is open to anyone, a basic understanding of planets, signs, and houses will be immensely helpful!

Astrological Approach:

– A blend of modern & traditional astrology

– Traditional rulerships + whole sign houses


In Person Location: The Aquarian, 12 S Thompson St, Richmond, VA 23221


Tuition: $252. 


To Register:

1) By Phone: Call The Aquarian at (804) 354-5501

2) Online: