Date: Monday 19 August 2019

Time: 07:00pm

Place: Aquarian


Dance and movement healing will guide you through various breathing exercises, meditations, yoga techniques and dance specifically designed to balance your spirit and heal your soul. Each class will focus around a different personality dynamic from the spiritual psychology of the Enneagram. If you do not know your type, click this link below to take the free quiz online.

Every human being connects with all types and every class is beneficial to all. However this specific class will focus around the paradox of Type Five: The Investigator: Gathering information versus trusting yourself, non-attachment versus avarice, and finding your natural wisdom.

*Please provide your personality type upon registration. Free Enneagram Type quiz located here enneagram-test.html.

$16 | 7-8 pm | Call 804.353.5575 to register