Date: Monday 29 October 2018

Time: 06:30pm

Place: Bookshop

The Enchanted Formulary by Lady RheaCome meet Lady Rhea, author of The Enchanted Formulary, and have her dedicate your copy of her newest edition! The Enchanted Formulary is a guide to blending magickal oils for all kinds of intentions originally published in 2006. This updated edition has never before published blends that didn’t make it into the original. Free event!

6:30-7:30PM | Walk-in only.

A special class from the author herself on blending magickal oils follows at 7:30PM. Sign up to continue the magickal fun!

Private readings and magickal consultations with Lady Rhea available daily; sign up early to reserve your time!

Lady Rhea has been a High Priestess in the Gardnerian Tradition of the Kentucky line since 1973. She opened Enchantments, Inc. in 1992 to serve the magickal community of NYC, and currently owns Magickal Realms. She published The Enchanted Candle in 1986 and released a new edition in 2016. She published The Enchanted Formulary in 2006 and released a new edition in 2018.