Date: Thursday 11 November 2021

Time: 07:30pm

Place: Virtual Aquarian

Learn Astrology: Birth Chart Interpretation | 8 Week Series on Thursday Nights Starting Sept 23, 7:30-9:45pm ET via Zoom | Instructor: Nick Lasky - Professional Psychic & Astrologer

In this 8-week introductory course you will learn:

-The basics and foundations of reading a natal chart

-An effective step-by-step method to approach chart interpretation

-How to understand topics such as relationships, finances, career, life purpose, health, and family through the lens of a natal chart

-How to use your personal natal chart as a road map to align yourself with your Life Path

-Learn various techniques and tips that Nick has learned over the years reading thousands of charts.

This series is open to all levels, however an understanding of the basic language of astrology is highly recommended – please check out Nick’s “So You Want to Learn Astrology: 8-Week Immersion into the Language of the Stars.” Video recordings of the series are available here.

In the first class we will review the basics of western tropical astrology – the zodiac signs, planets, houses, and aspects, but having a sense of these concepts will be extremely helpful for the series.

****If you cannot attend any or all classes live, a video recording will be sent to you for these classes.****

Class 1 (Sept 23): Intro, Basics, & Review of 101

Class 2 (Sept 30): Big 3: Sun, Moon, & Rising

Class 3 (Oct 7): Step-by-Step Method & Identifying Themes

Class 4 (Oct 14): Self, Health, Relationships, & Love

Class 5 (Oct 21): Career, Mission, Family, & Early Life

Class 6 (Oct 28): Spirituality in the Chart

Class 7 (Nov 4): Live Chart Readings

Class 8 (Nov 11): Live Chart Readings Pt. II and Q&A

***Subject to change as series progresses

Recommended Reading Materials: So You Want to Learn Astrology Volume 1 by Marion March & Joan McEvers and Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology.

Series Tuition:


Regular Price: $295

Single Class: $42
To Register:

  1. Send tuition via Venmo to @Nick-Lasky, include your email in the Note.
  2. Send tuition via PayPal to, include your email in the Note.
  3. Pay via phone by calling the Aquarian at (804) 353-5575.

Note: You are more than welcome to join for a single class but please realize that the subject matter for each class will flow with the momentum of the previous classes and therefore is subject to some change.