Date: Thursday 29 April 2021

Time: 07:30pm

Place: Virtual Aquarian


2 Thursdays: Apr 29 & May 6 | 7:30-9:45pm ET | Via ZOOM

Instructor: Nick Lasky – Professional Astrologer & Psychic

In this mini-series we will dive into the ever popular astrological art of comparing two people’s charts, planets, and signs. We do this to get insight into their compatibility, relationship potential, likelihood of harmony vs challenges, and how generally any two people will tend to relate to each other. This is known as synastry. Nick will share his step-by-step method of comparing charts – what confirms harmony and what indicates you need to run like the wind! We will also take a look into “meeting charts” or the chart that is cast at the moment two people meet for the first time and discuss what it reveals about their future and relationship together based on the chart.

Video recordings available if you cannot attend live or must miss a class!

Tuition: $77

Early-Bird: $66 (if registered by April 22)

Option 1: Paypal –
Option 2: Venmo – @Nick-Lasky
Option 3: Phone – Call The Aquarian @ (804) 353 5575 to register by phone