Date: Tuesday 05 December 2023

Place: 12 S Thompson


Reiki & Intuitive Reading Session

In this DELUXE 2-hour private session, the first thirty minutes are spent talking to you about any physical or emotional concerns you may have. If there are any issues in your life that you would like to receive intuitive guidance on, they are discussed during this portion of the session. It is best to arrive with a prepared list of questions so we can move quickly and easily from one topic to the next before the hands-on portion of the session begins.

Approximately one hour is spent during the hands-on portion of the session where you will receive a deep rejuvenating reiki treatment. During this segment you are asked to release your mind from all thoughts and daily stresses to best assist your soul in receiving the highest level of relaxation and rejuvenation possible.

The hands-on portion of the session will be followed by a thirty-minute wrap-up where intuitive insights that were received during your session will be shared with you.

Treat yourself to this amazing Reiki & Reading combo session!

Limited Sessions Available December 4th & 5th Only!

To book call (804) 354-5501.

Session Price $395