Date: Sunday 03 June 2018

Time: 02:00pm

Place: Aquarian Bookshop

Lady Rhea Witch Queen of New YorkIn this workshop, learn how to open your inner sight, how to utilize creative visualization, and how to build your Inner Temple.

$65 | 2-6 pm | Call 804.257.5575

HALF OFF ($32.50) when registered for COMBO: Urban Witchcraft 101, Urban Love Magick and Defense Against the Dark Arts

Lady Rhea has been a High Priestess in the Gardnerian Tradition of the Kentucky line since 1973. She opened Enchantments, Inc. in 1992 to serve the magickal community of NYC, and currently owns Magickal Realms. She published  The Enchanted Candle in 1986, a guide to her hand-carved, embellished candles, and released a new edition in 2016. She published The Enchanted Formulary in 2006.