Date: Wednesday 07 August 2019

Time: 07:15pm

Place: Aquarian


Three Wednesdays: Aug 7, 14, 21 | 7:15-9:15 pm | $65 | Call 804.353.5575 to register

AUG 7: Day one will focus on a brief, yet very informative history on rune lore and how the Norse gods connected with them. We will then cover what the runes are utilized for on a magical level as well. Finally wrapping up our first class with reviewing what the runes mean.

AUG 14: This class we will dive straight into the deeper meaning of each and every rune, what they can do individually and potentially as a combination. Additionally we will review with more detail what each and every rune means so you can understand the complexity of each one and how to apply it.

AUG 21: Our final class will be how to do 2 different yet very effective rune spreads you will get to use in your everyday divination spreads. Also we will go over how to apply these runes into your everyday use in any environment you may potentially be in.