Date: Tuesday 18 June 2019

Time: 07:30pm

Place: Aquarian

Eleftherios Author Pythagorean Numerology

$99 bundle (3 classes) or $45 per class | Call 804.353.5575 to register

The Greek mathematician and author Eleftherios Argyropoulos will be in Virginia for a few days in order to initiate us to a revolutionary theory that ages thousands of years ago. This theory is called lexarithmic theory and it is based in the Pythagorean gematria or Pythagorean arithmosofia. The great Greek mystic Pythagoras said that “the wisest of all beings is number” and from his maxim stems the word arithmosofia, meaning the wisdom of numbers.

Eleftherios, who is author of eleven books (two of them in English), will present to us the fact that Hellenic language knows the laws of cosmos and the cause of universal creation.

Moreover, he will present important isopsephias about the possibility of the knowledge of major events of history (even from American history) including the creation of the United States and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, presenting the real assassins of JFK and RFK.  

Among the topics of his presentations will be the following:


 1)      The Pythagorean alpha numeric system

2)      The concepts of lexarithmos and isopsephia

3)      The cause of the universal creation and the parallel universe

4)      Proof that the Hellenic gematria knows the values of the three major mathematical constants π = 3.141…, φ = 1.618… and e = 2.718…

5)      The knowledge of Pythagorean gematria (arithmosofia) about the construction of the Parthenon and the connection of the golden number with Hellenic art

6)      The knowledge of Pythagorean gematria about physics


 7)      Proof for the deep knowledge of Pythagorean gematria (arithmosofia) for the structure of matter

8)      The creation and the geometry of human beings by great isopsephias

9)      The knowledge of arithmosofia about major characteristics of the Earth and the human chromosomes 

10)    The knowledge of lexarithmos about the golden section and sacred geometry

11)    On the five platonic and the thirteen Archimedean solids

12)    The decoding of the Platonic code and presentation of the secret Platonic theorem

13)    Presentation of Eleftherios memory abilities writing the first 100 digits of pi (π = 3.141…) and hundreds of digits of many other mathematical constants by heart.


 14)   On the creation of the United States of America through Pythagorean gematria

15)   On the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln, the real assassins of JFK and RFK

16)    Numerical analysis of the names of Nostradamus, Hitler and the Antichrist (666)

17)   The secret codes of Fibonacci and Lucas sequence

18)   The possibility of the predictability of Pythagorean gematria (arithmosofia)

19)   Time travel and the multiple cosmic explosions theory

20)   Live performance of Eleftherios’ new musical songs

His presentation will be given through projection of pictures with the use of power point. All isopsephias will be explained in detail. Eleftherios will also perform live music (presenting his new CD “The music of the spheres”) and will present to us some of his great memory abilities reciting the number pi = 3.14… by hundreds of decimal places.

Also, he will present his two books in English and his four musical CD’s performing live some of his latest musical compositions. Moreover, he will offer personal readings through Pythagorean gematria upon arrangement.

Eleftherios Argyropoulos is a well – known Greek mathematician and author. He holds two Guinness records and he has discovered 520 different proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem. He has graduated from Northeastern University Boston and he has done important mathematical research presenting two new theorems and discovering the most accurate mathematical formula for the evaluation of the harmonic sum.