At the Aquarian, we carry multiple styles of candle: Enchanted candles, Dressed candles, Reiki-charged candles , and plain candles in 7-day Pull-Out, Jumbo, Coach, or Zap sizes and figure candles.

Enchanted and Dressed candles burn for about a week when burned continuously; they have a set magical intention and are easy for beginners. When you burn one of these style candles, write out on a piece of paper the names of any individuals involved and what you want to happen. This can be as detailed as you wish. Place the paper under the glass like a coaster before you light it. Please remove all packaging from the candle (plastic cover and rubber bands, cardboard insert and incantation for our Enchanted candles, plastic cover and rubber bands for our Dressed candles) before you light it.

The reiki candles also have set intentions, and like the Enchanted candles they have optional affirmations/incantations you can read before you light them. Reiki candles are scented and have the scent mix listed on their labels or papers. Reiki candles can be burned in any type of candle holder or on a heat-safe surface.

Plain candles and figure candles are open ended in intention; you can dress them with oil, carve into them, apply glitter or herbs– they can get as simple or complicated as you like. Plain candles can be burned in any style of candle holder or on a heat-safe surface.

Please burn responsibly. Do not burn Enchanted, Dressed, or 7 Day Pull-Out candles if the glass is cracked or damaged. We suggest snuffing these candles rather than blowing them out, both for your safety and in respect to the magical tradition they are dressed under. To snuff a glass candle, you can either use a candle snuffer or cover the top of the glass with a heat-safe object until the flame extinguishes itself.