Tarot Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Empath

Julia is a sensitive empath with an intricate relationship with the language of the tarot. Her background is very much immersed in archetypal symbolism and psychological studies. She has a BFA in Fine Art and Art History and receives prophecies through her paintings.  Julia is very open minded and will show compassion regardless of the situation. She holds honesty, integrity, and authenticity above all else. After many life times of self inquiry, she has the ability to see difficult situations with discernment and clarity. Let her assist you in finding peace in a variety of situations- love, career, health, fertility, pregnancy, relationships, parenting, and life purpose. She is grateful for the opportunity to empower you to discover your own truth and to “paint” your own reality! 

In addition, Julia has vast knowledge of holistic healing and health and is eager to help you to  simplify and detoxify your life and home if it is requested. Julia also has experience in automatic writing, scrying, and lucid dreaming. Touching little surprises . . .why is it a surprise? Because at any moment you will find out what it is!

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