Lady Alexandra Russian Intuitive

Lady Alexandra

The Russian Psychic Counselor
The most fascinating journey you will embark upon is the Inner Journey to know who you are, to know the self. Alexandra has been aware of other energies and beings since early childhood. She first began her studies with a Buddhist Lama. Her meditations lead her to South America where she studied with a Shaman to deepen her abilities. She continues her studies under the guidance of a Spiritual Master. Let Alexandra tune into your energy to assist you on your personal journey with an intuitive reading.

Deep Tissue Bodywork

Your body is the basement of your mind. Whatever negative experiences or emotions you haven’t released or let go of are hiding somewhere in your body, perhaps just behind your scapula or maybe in your low back as a pain or a tension. Deep tissue work allows these issues to rise that you may let go, creating more space in the body and more energy to¬† create your life with ease.

  • I work with the consciousness in the body.
  • I address the whole person.
  • Come to me when you feel stress or tension.

Invest in yourself. Call (804) 353-5575 for an appointment to begin clearing and healing.

Lady Alexandra received her certification from Institute for Total Person Facilitation in Santa Fe, NM in 1982 and has been helping those seeking deep healing ever since.

In-house Psychics and Intuitive Consultants
Available in Store or by Phone
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Lady Alexandra Russian Intuitive

Lady Alexandra

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