Theresa Tarot Clairvoyant


Intuitive and Clairvoyant

Theresa is intuitive and a clairvoyant who supplements her work with card readings.  She offers Tarot readings and Spiritual Consultations for self -empowerment, defining stumbling blocks and relationship guidance as well as ways to be your most vibrant self that you can be in your journey called Life.

Theresa has done in-depth studies in “Spiritual Nutrition”, kinesiology and martial arts as well as studies with Mayan Shaman Don Carlos Barios.  She is a black belt in the Kwon, Jae-Hwa system of taekwon-do, an ordained minister and has been a featured speaker and on nutrition panels at the New Life Expo in New York.

Theresa blends her knowledge of the various mystical paths together to offer you the most comprehensive guidance for your Fantastic Magickal Voyage.  Her sensitive nature allows her to tap into your situation and offer you the clarity that is needed to help guide you through those (sometimes long) moments of murkiness and Enjoy the Ride!

Theresa is available in person and over the phone at the Aquarian Bookshop in Richmond. Call to schedule a readings with Theresa (804) 353-5575.

In-house Psychics and Intuitive Consultants
Available in Store or by Phone
(804) 353-5575

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