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Condition Oils


$4.95 per 1/8 oz (dram) or $16.20 per 1/2 oz
Anointing use to anoint candles, talismans, and amulets for general use, cleansing and blessing
Archangel to draw upon the energy of Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel for angelic favor
Attraction all-purpose blend to attract luck, love and money
Banishing remove unwanted persons, situations, and energies from your life
Better Business attract new clients, resources, and opportunities for your business
Blockbuster break through tough obstacles in life and create new paths to opportunity
Calm & Relax soothe stress and anxiety for a more tranquil state of mind
Chakra Healing bring all of your energy centers into open, balanced alignment
Cleopatra’s Desire subtle but alluring; leave the thought of you lingering in the minds of people you interact with
Come Play in the Woods for a playful frolic with a lusty lover
Come to Me powerful, classic New Orleans blend to attract the love you desire
Court Case used to turn the judge and jury of a court case in your favor
Crown of Success gain the upper hand in difficult situations, for business and otherwise
Cut & Clear remove old relationships from your life and let yourself move on
Easy Life bring a steady flow of cash and maintain positive energy in your life
Essence of Bend Over classic Louisiana blend for commanding control over life’s many situations; breaks jinxes, commands troublesome people to leave, makes you more agreeable to people and difficult people easier to deal with
Fast Luck classic New Orleans blend for making things happen quickly in your favor
Fertility invite a new soul to find its place in your family line
Fiery Wall of Protection create a powerful wall of protection around you or those you care about
Florida Water a powerful, traditional blend for cleansing and clearing energy
Follow Me Boy attract the man you desire – a strong yet subtle compelling blend
Follow Me Girl attract the woman you desire – a strong yet subtle compelling blend
French Love a delicious blend for attracting true love to you
Get a Job helps you find the right job for you; use with Fast Luck when speed is needed
Get Over Your Ex unbind yourself from past lovers to move on in your relationships
Good Health promote wellness and maintain positive energy in your body
Grounding call on the receptive energy of the Earth to release chaos, increase stability, and connect to your roots
Healing comfort and soothe mental, emotional, and physical ailments
High John the Conqueror classic root worker’s oil of macerated High John Roots in olive oil; anoint candles, talismans, amulets or mojo bags in place of carrying the root itself
Hot Romance entice a sizzling sensual connection and deepen desire
House Blessing cleanse a new or existing house and make the energy favorable to a peaceful, happy life
Jupiter invoke the mighty energy of the king of the gods for business, expansion, abundance, luck, and all the benefits of Jupiter
King Solomon invoke the powerful magician of the Bible to gain control and command of your life
Lady’s Mystique #7 a subtle blend of sweet scents used to create an air of mystery to allure and attract
Law Keep Away keep the law of the land from meddling in your affairs and out of your business
Love Healing heal a broken heart and help it receive new love again
Love Uncrossing remove blockages and old energy for success in love
Lucky Buddha used for fortune and drawing auspicious circumstances
Lucky Lodestone classic hoodoo blend for attraction of anything you need, money, love, or otherwise
Luv Luv Luv all-purpose love attraction formula to bring you the best possible lover
Focus clear your mind so you can make the right decision and ease the ill effects of addictive distractions
Marital Bliss encourage positive, harmonious, faithful relations in a committed relationship
Mars invoke the energy of the warrior god; for master, magnetism, motivation, potency and power and to get things moving
Mercury seek favor from the messenger god; for communication, travel, business, group work and information
Money Drawing pull in financial resources from all avenues for prosperity, abundance, and financial security
Moon for drawing on your intuition, getting in touch with your emotions, and all celebrations of the moon
Neptune ask the god of creativity and illusion for aid with psychic abilities, seeking deeper knowledge and creative inspiration
Nine Mysteries help access love, luck, money, power, success/happiness, vision, protection, peace and healing
Oil of the Madonnas call upon the blessed Mother Mary in any of her forms for blessings and guidance
Peace & Protection bring calm, restful energy to the mind or to the home and guard against harm
Pluto call upon the god of the underworld for guidance through rebirth and transformation
Positive Energy brighten and boost any intention
Prophetic Dream use prior to sleep for gaining clear insights during dream work
Psychic Vision a root worker’s blend for assistance in all methods of divination
Rainbow Bridge used to honor the passing of animal companions
Reversing cancel out magical intentions made against you and return the energy to where it came from
Road Opener clear the path of obstacles so you can reach opportunity
Run Devil Run create an environment to send evil running
Same-Sex Seduction blended for drawing in partners in queer relationships
Saint Expedite call upon this saint to get things done quickly when timeliness is critical
San Cipriano Saint Cyprian was a magician who gave up sorcery for love; ask his assistance in returning a love to you or in any magical workings
Santa Muerte Santa Muerte is the holy saint of death; ask for her assistance in matters of protection, love, health, and more
Saturn request aid from the god of structure and time in matters of karma, lessons, time, and to reward hard work
Spellbreaker remove negative intentions and hexes from yourself and your home
Spirit seek connection and guidance from the divine
Spiritual Cleanse restore yourself to your natural, radiant state of energetic wholeness
Stop Psychic Attack end the efforts of others to mentally, spiritually, or energetically assault you
Sweet Success unlock the sweetness in life for greater success in all endeavors
Sun a radiant blend invoking the powerful life-giving star for happiness, success, lightened spirits and courage
Uncrossing clear away negativity, bad habits, old energy and anything that no longer serves you to keep moving forward
Van Van a classic New Orleans blend; cleanses and breaks up lingering negativity, especially good when used as a floor wash
Venus invoke the goddess of love, beauty, and wealth for bringing you all the good things in life
23rd Psalm petition the divine for peace, protection, and resources during difficult times

Perfume Oils

Aquarian Perfume Oils Roll On

New Product!
Carry your magical intentions everywhere you go. Each blend is formulated to be skin-safe with all-natural, high quality essential oils and skin-loving fractionated coconut oil.

$19.98; sold as a 10ml roll-on
Calm & Relax Find a sense of peace and wholeness in the face of chaos
Chakra Healing Balance and open all your energetic centers
Come To Me Draw in all kinds of romantic, sensual, and soulful connections
Fast Luck Tip the scales in your favor
Focus Clear the way for insightful decision making and intentions
Grounding Let go of energy that does not serve you and draw strength from your roots
Healing Heart Release wounds from past relationships to restore your emotional center
Money Drawing Attract greater financial resources through all avenues
Positive Energy Bring joy and blessings to all your intentions
Protection Wrap yourself in a wall of strength and security against harmful intentions
Road Opener Clear your path to opportunity

Essential Oils


Name Price Per 1/2 oz Price Per dram
Allspice (India) $9 $2.97
Amber Brown (India) $18 $5.40
Amyris Sandalwood (Haiti) $13.50 $4.50
Angelica Root $22.50 $6.30
Anise Seed $6.75 $2.97
Balsam Fir $9 $2.97
Basil $9.45 $2.97
Bay Laurel $9.45 $2.97
Benzoin (Sumatra) $4.95 $2.97
Bergamot $12.60 $4.50
Betel Leaf $14.40 $4.50
Birch $6.75 $2.97
Black Pepper $11.70 $4.50
Black Spruce (Canada) $9 $2.97
Blood Orange $4.95 $2.97
Blue Lotus Abs 10% $9 $2.97
Blue Lotus Absolute $54 $16.20
Calamus Root $9 $2.97
Calendula $8.91 $3.60
Camphor $4.95 $2.97
Cardamom $9.99 $3.60
Carrot Seed $5.85 $2.97
Cassia $6.30 $2.97
Cassia (High Vanillin) $6.30 $2.97
Cedarwood $4.95 $2.97
Celery Seed $8.55 $2.97
Chamomile German (Nepal) $14.40 $4.50
Chypre 10% $8.10 $2.97
Chypre Absolute $36 $9.99
Cinnamon $6.93 $2.97
Citronella $5.94 $2.97
Clary Sage $13.50 $4.50
Clementine $4.95 $2.97
Clove Bud $6.48 $2.97
Coffee $9.99 $3.60
Cubeb $9 $2.97
Cypress $9 $2.97
Dalmatian Sage (Hungary) $7.20 $2.70
Eucalyptus (China) $5.94 $2.97
Fennel Seed $5.85 $2.97
Frangipani 10% $9 $2.97
Frangipani Absolute $58.50 $18
Frankincense (Steam) $13.50 $4.50
Frankincense (Dark) $13.50 $5.40
Frankincense (Light) – Out of Stock $28.80 $9
Galangal Absolute $18 $5.40
Galbanum $18 $4.95
Gardenia Absolute $18 $5.40
Geranium (Egypt) $13.50 $5.40
Ginger $11.70 $4.50
Grapefruit $8.10 $2.97
Helichrysum $18.99 $7.20
Heliotrope $22.50 $7.20
Honeysuckle $10.80 $3.60
Hyssop $12.60 $4.50
Jasmine 10% $9 $2.97
Jasmine Grandiflorum $45 $16.20
Juniper Berry $4.50 $2.97
Juniper Needle $22.50 $6.30
Lavender (French) $8.91 $2.97
Lemon $4.95 $2.97
Lemon Balm (Melissa) $7.20 $2.97
Lemon Verbena $13.50 $4.50
Lemongrass $6.75 $2.97
Lily 10% $9.99 $3.60
Lily Absolute $45.00 $14.40
Lime $5.40 $2.97
Magnolia 10% (India) $10.80 $3.60
Magnolia Absolute (India) $36 $11.25
Marigold (S. Africa) $15.30 $4.50
Muguet (Lily of the Valley) $32.40 $9
Mugwort $8.10 $2.97
Myrrh $22.50 $7.20
Myrtle $6.30 $2.97
Neroli $10.80 $3.60
Nutmeg $8.55 $2.97
Oakmoss $9 $2.97
Opoponax (Sweet Myrrh) $18 $5.40
Orange $4.05 $2.97
Orchid 15% $17.10 $7.20
Orchid Absolute $54 $18
Oregano $9 $2.97
Palmarosa $8.55 $2.97
Palo Santo 15% $13.50 $4.50
Patchouli $13.50 $4.50
Pennyroyal $7.20 $2.97
Peppermint $9 $2.97
Petitgrain $4.95 $2.97
Pine Needle $8.55 $2.97
Ravensara (Madagascar) $5.40 $2.97
Rose De Mai 10% (India) $18 $5.85
Rose Geranium $9 $2.97
Rosemary $5.85 $2.97
Rosewood 12% (Brazil) $8.10 $3.60
Rosewood 100% (Brazil) $54 $16.20
Rue (Spain) $12.60 $4.50
Saffron Absolute 2.5% $13.50 $4.50
Sandalwood 15% (Australia) $16.20 $4.50
Sandalwood 100% (Australia) $31.50 $9.99
Sandalwood 78% $27 $8.55
Spearmint $7.20 $2.97
Spikenard (Nepal) $18 $5.40
Star Anise (China) $6.75 $2.97
Styrax 90% $16.20 $5.40
Tarragon $7.20 $2.97
Tea Tree $4.50 $2.97
Thyme $9 $2.97
Tulip Absolute $18 $6.30
Turmeric $4.95 $2.97
Valerian 15% $5.40 $2.97
Valerian $16.20 $5.40
Vanilla $6.30 $2.97
Vetivert $27 $8.10
Violet Leaf 15% $12.60 $4.50
Violet Leaf Absolute $45 $15.30
White Tea 10% $8.55 $2.97
White Tea Absolute $27 $9
Wintergreen $5.85 $2.97
Wormwood (USA) $9 $2.97
Yarrow $6.30 $2.97
Ylang Ylang $14.40 $4.50
Yuzu $11.70 $3.60

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Fragrance Oils

$8.10 per 1/2 oz, $2.97 per dram
Dragon’s Blood
Musk (Chinese)
Musk (Egyptian)
Orris Root