Date: Wednesday 24 April 2024

Time: 07:00pm

Place: 12 S. Thompson & Virtual Aquarian

Aquarian House of Astrology: Sharing the love of astrology in Richmond, Virginia | In-Person & Online | Exploring Astrology: Elements & Qualities with Susan Hughes | Wednesday, April 24, 7-9pm | Elemental Understanding: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and how they influence the zodiac signs. Learn how these elements shape personality traits & behaviors, providing a deeper insight into yourself and others. | Qualities Exploration: Explore the qualities (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) that further define the zodiac signs. Understand how these qualities manifest in individuals, affecting their approach to life, relationships, and personal growth. | $30, call 804-354-5501 to register | Learn a new topic every other month and share your love of astrology with others. Join the community at | 12 S Thompson St RVA