Date: Thursday 16 May 2024

Time: 07:00pm

Place: 12 S. Thompson

Arachnomancy TarantulaJoin Chet Turnbeaugh as he takes you on an exciting journey to learn about and interact with one of nature’s most powerful magicians: spiders. In this class, he will teach you how working with spiders can enhance your magick.
Spiders are powerful animal totems that are associated with creativity, writing, and weaving. In this 90-minute class, Chet will share about spider magick, tarantulas, and why spiders are not the scary monsters humans think they are.

In-Person at 12 S Thompson
$15 | 7-8:30PM | Call 804-354-5501 to register


Chet Turnbeaugh is a tarantula keeper, hobby enthusiast, and breeder who overcame a lifelong fear of spiders and is now passionate about preserving their populations in the wild as well as in captivity. He enjoys discussing arachnids with newbies and experienced spider lovers alike.