Date: Sunday 25 February 2024

Time: 12:12pm

Place: 12 S. Thompson

Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday was birthed during the pandemic as a monthly safe place to connect with one’s higher self. A place to show up for yourself so you can show up better in the world. Created by the production company Positive Thought Frequency this experience focuses on Music, Movement, & Meditation to shift your frequency. Why is Self Care important? Because it touches on all aspects of a person’s well-being. Spiritual self-care brings connection and trust. Mental self-care brings inner peace and clarity. Emotional self-care brings joy and excitement.

We will start with 30 minutes of Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, & Meditation lead by Dru West with beautiful kirtan & live ambient sounds from Mousie Next we move into an hour Vinyasa Yoga flow taught by Mousie & sound tracked by Dru West Djing live. Then once in Shavasana Mousie & Dru will take you through a 30 minute Guided Sound Bath Meditation using Chakra Tuned Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Flutes, Wind Chimes, Rain Sticks, Tibetan Bowls, an ocean drum, buffalo drum, Tingsha’s, chanting, & light language. We will wrap up our Self Care Sunday with community connection and self expression through Ecstatic Dance.
Sunday, 2/25
Time: 12:12pm – 3:33pm
Cost: $33
Instructor: Dru West & Mousie

DruDru West has over 30 years of experience in the music & entertainment business as a Musician, Singer, DJ, Producer, Radio Host, Actor, Coach, & Mentor.

Dru found hot yoga 11 years ago living on the west coast as a way to help his injured back & decompress from all the traveling he was doing. Through a daily yoga practice he started meditating on a regular basis and was then lead into Reiki. This was all a very profound experience and completely changed his life. So he decided to get train in Reiki & Meditation to help teach others these self care practices.

Through Dru’s passion to help others with self care he started a wellness event company & record label in Phoenix, Arizona called Positive Thought Frequency creating conscious experiences & retreats combining music, movement, & meditation. After working with a few sound practitioners at his events his music productions evolved to a more organic soulful vibe and he decided to become trained in sound healing. Dru also found Kundalini Yoga 4 years ago during the pandemic & fell in love with the practice. Kundalini had such a profound impact in his life helping him with the anxiety & depressive was suffering from that it lead him to get certified years later so he could teach others this ancient technology of self awareness.

Dru is soul grateful to have an opportunity to share his knowledge & passion for music & self care with the Richmond community. His goal is to help shift our energy to a Positive Thought Frequency. Sat Nam ✨

MousieMousie is a certified sound practitioner, singer, musician, DJ, Kundalini, Vinyasa &  Hatha yoga teacher, licensed massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, empath, channel, psychic intuitive and clairvoyant.  Her life passion is to connect with celestial energy from our loving spirit guides to facilitate vibrational-based quantum healing, bringing an energetic upliftment to Mother Earth and her inhabitants, and inspire feelings of gratitude, creativity, joy and unconditional love in those she works with. Beyond her work as a musician, healer and teacher, Mousie loves to spend her time leading planetary healing meditations, connecting with nature, considers herself a scholar in spiritual and esoteric wisdom and philosophy, and is deeply connected with animals and committed to providing service to them.


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