Barbara Tarot Clairvoyant


Tarot Intuitive and Animal Communication

Barbara can help you tap into your relationships, money & career needs. Through her extensive study of esoteric sciences she can help you gain insight into the whats and whys by reading your energy and the energy of the important people & places in your life. Barbara is also experienced in Numerology, Healing & Prayer, and Animal Communication.

As a metaphysical student, she has gained greater knowledge and deeper insight into challenging personal issues that impact individuals throughout their lives. Through the perspectives of individuals overcoming challenges she has learned that the answers we seek are within our grasp.

Barbara is available by phone at the Aquarian Bookshop in Richmond. Call to schedule a reading with Barbara (804) 353-5575.

In-house Psychics and Intuitive Consultants
Available by Phone - (804) 353-5575

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