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Psychic, Astrologer & Healer

Nick is dedicated to helping others with his psychic abilities and insights as a professional astrologer. During a session Nick will give you clear guidance about your relationships, career, finances, or health. He can tune in to your energy and reveal your major blockages, how to release them, and the steps to get you on your highest path. Nick is the founder of the Society of Awakening Souls at the University of Virginia and studies in a Mystery School of Ancient Wisdom. Nick has the unique ability to fuse together his clairvoyance, astrology, and spiritual knowledge to give you an insightful, uplifting, and fun experience. Inquire about soul retrievals.

Nick is available by phone or by video through Zoom at the Aquarian Bookshop. Call to schedule an appointment with Nick at (804) 353-5575.

“Once in a while you meet a spiritual star like Nick Lasky. His understanding of spiritual and metaphysical principles must go back lifetimes. He is an excellent reader and OH MY GOD: what a great crystal healing practitioner!”
–John J Oliver, professional psychic and Star Of Court TV’s Haunting Evidence

“Nick Lasky is a vibrant, dynamic, and enjoyable teacher and is dedicated to helping people. When you have a chance to take his class, I highly recommend you sign up right away.”
-Kirk Schroder, J.D., PH.D, former President of the Virginia Board of Education

“Depending on your personal situation Nick has the ability to guide you through and help you understand the internal work that you need to achieve. With Nick’s help you can tie the loose ends of forgotten troubles, regenerate, and invigorate your spirit for your personal growth.”
-Nya Reynolds, Author

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