Sasha - Empath & Tarot Intuitive


Empath & Tarot Intuitive

Sasha is a lightworker and lover of nature. She has read tarot for over 20 years. She practices meditation and is a reiki healer.

Sasha interprets divine messaging in symbols, numbers and spirit animals. Understanding the synchronization of events as the universe conspires in our favor. She communicates with spirit and understands the laws of metaphysics, recognizing the ebb and flow of energy and how to navigate one’s journey during this lifetime as well as to see the infinite realm beyond space and time. Sasha also seeks answers through pendulums, runes, and oracle & angel cards.

Sasha can answer questions on any topic and give advice on how to protect yourself from psychic attack. She has worked as a healer for over twenty years.

€œDance through life allowing each play to be the teacher of self-mastery -Sasha

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Sasha - Empath & Tarot Intuitive


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