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Enchanted Candles

Fortune's Favor, Hypnotique, Love Drawing Solar Blast, Love's Messenger, and Spellbound Enchanted Candles
Healing, Uncrossing, Protection, and Employment Pyramid 7 Day Enchanted Candles
Money Drawing Solar Blast, Chakra Healing, Solar Blast, Banishing, and Empress of Love Enchanted Carved Candles

$30 each
Fortune’s Favor Turn the financial tides to your aid and change your luck
Hypnotique Enchant and entice a passionate lover
Love Drawing Solar Blast Draw positive energy into your love relationships and bring new love
Love’s Messenger Heal the way you communicate love
Spellbound Capture the attention of someone special
Healing Soothe physical, mental, and emotional discomfort and draw in regenerative energy
Uncrossing Clear away negative, stagnant energy from any aspect of your life
Protection Build your energetic shield against physical, spiritual, and psychological attack
Employment Pyramid Seek a new job, raise, or promotion
Money Drawing Solar Blast Give your financial life a sunny boost
Chakra Cleanse Clear, balance, and align to let your energy flow
Solar Blast Pour positive energy into all aspects of your life
Banishing Clear away limitations, negativity, and toxic energy
Empress of Love Enjoy an abundance of love, blessings, and romance
Seal of Success
Not Pictured
Attract the outcome you desire in any endeavor
House Blessing
Not Pictured
Bring blessings of peace and positivity to your home and family

Not seeing the intention you’re looking for? Want something a little more personal made just for your intention? Order a custom Enchanted candle for $45.

Enchanted Limited

When you’re looking for a deep connection to the energies that change and shift the world around you, call upon the power of Enchanted Limited candles. These candles are handcrafted one at a time and draw upon gods and goddesses, archetypes, and powerful symbols. Light for significant life changes, divine wisdom, and influencing situations in your favor. Custom candles available. $60 each.

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Triptich photo of Enchanted Limited Candle Jupiter: depicted in glitter, a white-haired, bearded muscular man draped in a purple cloth, holding a golden staff and silver lighting bolt, a golden eagle hovering above his right shoulderTriptych photo of the Enchanted Limited Dancing Ganesha candle: Depicted in glitter, a dancing fat male figure with an elephant head, crowned in gold and with heavy gold jewelry, with four arms, on a red candleYemaya - Enchanted Limited | Depicted in glitter on a blue candle, a black woman dressed in a white dress that merges with the waves of the ocean; she is crowned in sea shells and has a crescent moon over her left shoulder and a fish over her right shoulder
Triptych of the Enchanted Limited Venus candle; on a green background, depicted in glitter, a woman with a green sheer cloth draped around her hips, standing in splashing water, holding an apple and mirror, her long reddish hair loose and covering her upper body. A dove hovers above her left shoulder.Triptych of the Enchanted Limited Khepri candle; on a red candle depicted in glitter, a winged scarab holding a red sun, ringed in a white gradient.Oshun - Enchanted Limited | A triptych depicting a black woman with gold-tipped locks facing off to the left, standing in a river. She is adorned with gold jewelry and her waist is draped in sheer yellow fabric. On her right is a peacock feather. She is holding up a golden hand mirror but looking at the viewer.
A triptych of an Enchanted Candle: Depicted in glitter on a white candle, the Egyptian Goddess Isis: a kneeling female figure in white and silver with rainbow wings, the hieroglyphic name of Isis belowA triptych depiction of the Apollo Enchanted Limited candle: On a yellow background depicted in glitter, a muscular blond male figure reclining with his left leg raised, looking toward the right, crowned in a laurel wreath, draped at the waist with a light colored cloth, holding a golden lyre and a bow, a quiver of arrows on his backA triptych of the Dionysus Enchanted Limited candle: On a purple background, a dark haired youthful figure in a white and purple chiton, crowned in an ivy wreath, holding a pinecone tipped golden staff in one hand and in the other a large two handled drinking vessel with wine sloshing out, a vine of ripe purple grapes at their feet

Text: "Tarot: The Empress III - Enchanted Limited" Pictured: On a yellow candle, depicted in glitter a seated woman with a crown of stars, draped in a white and blue chiton, holding a gold scepter and a sheaf of wheat, a forest and waterfall in the background, pillows supporting her seated form Text: "Tarot: The Star XVII - Enchanted Limited" Image: A triptych on a blue candle, depicted in glitter, of a naked blonde female figure holding two golden pitchers, pouring water onto land and into a body of water, standing one foot in each, with an eight pointed star above her headText: Tarot: The High Priestess II - Enchanted Limited" Image: A triptych, depicted on a white candle in glitter, a female figure with dark hair, crowned with a triple moon, dressed in white and blue clothing, seated between black and white pillars, a drape of cloth printed with pomegranates and leaves stretched behind her

Dressed 7 Day Candles


$11.95 each for local pickup orders; $13.50 each when shipping
Abundance: Golden Buddha Attract auspicious circumstances and good fortune
Ave Maria Make special requests for divine aid
Banishing Disperse negativity from anything (or anyone) that no longer serves your highest purpose
Banishing Unwanted Visitors Remove negative entities from your home
Bayberry A traditional candle for bringing in luck to the home and money to the pocket
Black Tobacco Burn for better outcomes during tough court cases
Blockbreaker Break up energy impeding the outcome you seek
Chakra Healing Find harmony within by cleansing, aligning, and balancing your energy centers
Come to Me Draw in a new love or bring an existing love closer
Court Case Draw the favor of judge and jury in legal proceedings
Crown of Success Attract the best outcome in any endeavor
Double Action Evil Eye Reversible Send the envious intentions of others back
Double Action Money Reversible Clear away misfortune and blockages to drawing in money
Fast Luck Increase your attractiveness to cash, love, luck, and blessings
Fertility Invite new souls into your family line
Fiery Wall of Protection Shield yourself with fierce strength and enforce your boundaries
Florida Water Settle obstructions in your life favorably to get things in order
Focus Enhance mental clarity, strengthen willpower, and increase concentration
Get a Job Draw employment that best suits your financial goals and skills
Good Health Promote an energy of wellbeing and wholeness of body, mind, and spirit
Gran Poder For court cases when all evidence is against you
Grieving Release Process the experience of loss and let go of its effects
Grounding Release fears and chaotic energy and connect with your foundations
Guardian Angel Shield yourself with gentle angelic energy; especially good for children
Healing Heart Release past relationship wounds and restore your emotional center
High John the Conqueror Draw victory in any endeavor
House Blessing: Palo Santo Bring blessings and positive energy to a home or location
Jinx Removing Break your streak of bad luck and clear away lingering conditions
La Milagrosa Court Cases for Children Used during legal proceedings involving children to attract the most desirable outcome in their best interest
Law Keep Away Let the meddling of the law overlook you
Love Uncrossing Use in existing relationships to clear away confusion that keeps you from your best love, or for singles to prepare for better love
Mary Undoer of Knots Petition to release bindings and for solutions to difficult problems, especially for women and children
Mercury Rx Burn during Mercury Retrograde to ease interruptions
Money Drawing Gold Receive greater financial stability and resources through employment and business
Money Drawing Green Attract financial blessings in the form of cash and windfalls
Moon Rituals Call upon lunar energy for manifestation and psychic abilities; can be burned on new or full moons
Peaceful Home Calm tempers and ease relations between household members
Positive Energy Shine light on any situation to dispel negativity and boost low spirits
Protection Wrap yourself in peaceful, calm light and strengthen your shields
Red Uncrossing Burn when facing up against serious enemies
Reversible Send negativity back to its source
Road Opener Clear the path of obstacles to meet opportunity
Run Devil Run Send away bothersome people from your work, love life, or home
Sacred Prayers Ask for assistance during troubling times
Saint Expedite Ask for a quick resolution in your favor of any problem
Saint Michael Call upon the Archangel Michael to clear away obstacles and fight on your behalf
San Deschacedor Red Petition for the ending of wrongdoing of others
San Deschacedor Yellow Prevent others from making a fool out of you in work situations
Santa Muerte Black Ask the saint of Holy Death to keep you safe and secure
Santa Muerte Red Petition the saint of Holy Death to bring you love and relationship assistance
Santa Muerte White Ask the saint of Holy Death for protection from all troubles and solutions to problems in your life
Spellbreaker Bring an end to magic done against you
Spider Queen Bring the lies and manipulations of an adversary out into the open
Spirit Call on higher powers for connection, enlightenment, and direction
Spiritual Cleanse Restore a person’s energetic state to its highest, purest form
Steady Work Reap the fruits of your hard labor with bountiful clientele, hours, and contracts
Stop Psychic Attack Prevent other’s targeted negativity from harming you
Uncover Secret Operations Reveal conspiracies, lies, and underhanded intentions being done against you
Uncrossing Clear unhelpful energy and blockages in any aspect of your life
Van Van House Clearing Sweep away negativity and stagnant energy for a happier home

Scented, Reiki-Charged Candles


Votive – $1.98, Pillar – $9.99, Jumbo Pillar $16.92
Angel’s Influence
Ascended Masters & Guides
Astral Journey
Good Health
Manifest a Miracle
Positive Energy
Problem Solving

Plain Candles

Zaps $0.55, Coach $1.80, Jumbo $2.70, 7-Day Pull Outs $9

Figure Candles

Limited Colors; please check availability
Cat – $4.95
Cross – $4.95
Devil – $9
Female Figure – $4.95
Male Figure – $4.95
Mummy – $9.45
Penis – $5.85
Snake – $7.65
Skull – $5.85
Vulva – $5.85

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