Date: Thursday 11 March 2021

Time: 07:30pm

Place: Virtual Aquarian


4 Thursdays, Mar 11, 18, 25, Apr 1 | 7:30-10PM ET

Series Tuition: *Early Bird: $121 (reg by 3/8), Regular Price: $153

Single Class: Regular: $42 / Early Bird: $33 (by 3/8)



Thurs, Mar 11: Prophecy for the Year: Solar Returns

Every year within a few days of our birthday, the sun returns to the same place in the zodiac where it was when you were born. This moment creates a powerful and accurate chart, called your Solar Return, that gives great foresight into the next year of your life. In this class you will learn how to easily calculate this chart, the fundamentals of interpreting solar return charts, and how to use this knowledge to plan for your year ahead!

Thurs, Mar 18: Using Astrology for Timing: Electional Astrology 

Humans have used astrology to time important events (weddings, war, agriculture, religious ceremonies) for millenia. We can use this knowledge of astrology to make the timing of our actions more favorable and more likely to be successful. This can help with starting businesses, launching campaigns/projects, setting meetings, important announcements, creating talismans, and much, much more! This is a follow-up class to Nick’s “Intro to Electional Astrology” on Feb 4th. If you are new to this subject it is highly recommended that you listen to this 2.5hr introductory session to grasp the basics.

Thurs, Mar 25: Ancient Greek Predictions: Annual Profections & Time Lords

We flow through life in predictable cycles. Each time we turn one year older (or younger if you have skills) a new planet becomes our “Time Lord” or the planet that rules over our year. Each year our energies are focused to a great part through one of the twelve houses (our annual profection). In this class you will learn how to calculate your lord of the year and annual profection, how to interpret these, and other important dates and predictions based on this technique. This is a technique that comes from Ancient Greek (Hellenistic) astrology.

Thurs, Apr 1: Progressions (Secondary & Solar Arc)

Progressions refers to a technique used in astrology that can predict how important energies and changes will unfold in our life from the day we are born. In this class we will focus on secondary (day for a year) and solar arc progressions. Learn how to calculate and interpret.


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