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Sylvia Nofsinger is an intuitive crystal healer.  Sylvia channels crystal body layouts, grids and activates chakra rebalancing for your auric field, physical body, emotional body and connection to your spirit guide.  Sylvia is a shamanic reiki level II practitioner, advanced 500 hr Integral yoga teacher, Thai yoga therapist, hormone yoga therapist, pilates and MELT instructor.  Sylvia applies principles from yoga, shamanic reiki and Ayurveda to select the appropriate crystals for your session.  Sylvia has studied and lived abroad in Europe and Asia with a B.A. in French and International Studies.  She studied physical therapy at Virginia Commonwealth University and taught anatomy and physiology at Reynolds Community College.  Sylvia lives in Yogaville and has a healing and retreat center there.  She teaches yoga at Integral Yoga Center Richmond, VA and Reynolds Community College.

Call (804)257-5575 to book an intuitive crystal healing with Sylvia


Crystal Healer

As a reiki master, Nick fuses reiki and crystal energies to give you a powerful healing transmission. Using a crystal healing style that comes from Mayan shamanism, Nick uses crystals to remove negative energy and blockages within your body. He will also bring your auric field back into alignment and impart you with crystal energy that will leave you vibrating and in a higher state of being. Nick also specializes in helping you identify which crystals will help you the most based on his assessment of your energy.

$65 per 1Hr Sessions. Nick is available in person at the Aquarian Bookshop. Call to schedule a session with Nick at (804) 353-5575.


“Some meta-physicians are intellectually deep. Some meta-physicians are lovingly healing. Some meta-physicians are just Divine! Nick Lasky is all three.” — Susan Hughes, Master Astrologer at Aquarian Bookshop

” Ladies: buckle your seat belts and check your oxygen masks. Get ready for an amazing ride with Virginia’s new spiritual teacher and psychic and crystal healer. Nick is an amazing example of the new generation of spiritual teachers. He walks the talk. “There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” In walking the path, Nick’s vibration is raised to a level that will take you on a ride like you’ve never been on before or experienced before!”
—Theresa, Psychic Intuitive and Martial Artist

“Once in a while you meet a spiritual star like Nick Lasky. His understanding of spiritual and metaphysical principles must go back lifetimes. He is an excellent reader and OH MY GOD: what a great crystal healing practitioner!”
–John J Oliver, professional psychic and Star Of Court TV’s Haunting Evidence