Alexander Reiki Crystal HealingAlexander is a level II Shamanic, Usui and Tibetan Reiki Practicioner. Alexander often incorporates crystals as well as many other spiritual tools in his healings. He has been studying energy work and crystal healing for five years; He has been practicing Reiki for a year.

During a healing session Alexander guides you into a more relaxed state. He then scans your aura and chakras for imbalances, blockages, tears and misalignments. After doing this Alexander channels Reiki energy while laying crystals strategically/intuitively on and around the clients body for healing. Alexander will also provide insight on what crystals and techniques to use to continue your healing journey.

A healing session with Alexander will raise your spiritual vibration, help you gain clarity as well as leave you feeling lighter, with a renewed mind, body and spirit. Sessions are $65 for an hour, $35 for 30 minutes, or $20 for 15 minutes. Book a healing session with Alexander by calling (804) 257-5575.


Nick Reiki HealingNick –┬áReiki Master
In a session, Nick will channel reiki energy through his body and transmit it to you to bring your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies back into alignment. He will first cleanse your aura and chakras and remove any negative energy and attachments. Then he will bring you back to your natural state and leave you feeling uplifted, relaxed, and clear. Nick may also use crystals, singing bowls, gong, or other vibrational medicines in your healing session. If necessary, Nick may also perform psychic surgery, a reiki technique for extracting difficult blockages and negative energies. Call (804) 353-5575 to schedule a Reiki Healing with Nick.