Date: Friday 06 October 2017

Time: 07:30pm

Place: Crystal Gallery


“…of all things, the wisest is number…”                 -Pythagoras

Greek mathematician and author Eleftherios Argyropoulos, will initiate us in the world of Pythagorean arithmosofia.

A revolutionary theory that ages thousands of years ago. This theory is called lexarithmic theory and it is based in the Pythagorean gematria or Pythagorean arithmosofia, which is defined from the correspondence between numbers and letters of the Hellenic alphabet. The great Greek mystic Pythagoras said that “the wisest of all beings is number” and from his maxim stems the word arithmosofia, meaning the wisdom of numbers.

Eleftherios, who is author of eleven books (two of them in English), will present us the fact that Hellenic language knows the laws of cosmos and the cause of universal creation. His presentation will be based on the phenomenon of isopsephia, which is based in the mathematical theory of restricted partitions of numbers.

DAY 1:

Eleftherios will start from the definitions of the concepts of lexarithmos and isopsephia, proving that the big bang theory is the cause of the universal creation, but it has not been happened only once. He will explain why there exists at least one parallel universe and why matter – antimatter asymmetry is connected to the multiple cosmic explosions theory.

Also, he will give proof that the Hellenic gematria knows the numerical values of the mathematical constants pi = 3.14…, phi = 1.61… (golden number) and e = 2.718… with accuracy of at least 3 decimal digits.

He will also present proofs for the knowledge of arithmosofia about the construction of Parthenon and the relationship beteewn Hellenic art and the golden section and the knowledge of lexarithmos about the connection of the golden section with sacred geometry.

Moreover, at the end of the first evening class, Eleftherios will present his memory capability reciting hundreds of decimal digits of the mathematical constant pi = 3.1415926535… and showing us the lexarithmic decoding of it. 

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Eleftherios Argyopoulos is a master Pythagorean numerologist and famous mathematician from Athens, Greece. Since 1998 he has written eleven books on the mathematical structure and spiritual intelligence of the ancient Greek alphabet. He holds the Guiness World Record for the most proofs of the Pythagorean theorem at 525 distinct proofs. He is also a famous ultra-marathon runner in Greece and has composed three musical works: “Marathon runner” (1994), “The Light of Apollo” (2001) and “Pythagoras” (2005).