A Note from the Candle Makers on Candle Interpretation

Glass Interpretation:

The appearance of the glass after burning a seven day prayer candle may help you determine its outcome. Please let your candles burn out completely before interpreting their results.

An illustration of three glass jars for seven day candles, labeled. Glass on the left is completely white and labeled Result #1. Glass in the middle is a dark to light gradient labeled result #2. Glass to the right is a black to dark gray gradient labeled Result #3.

A clear glass is a good sign that your intention was received well. Some remaining wax in the glass is normal. White or light gray ash is a positive sign. (Result #1)

A glass that is dark and smoky at the top but clears up by the time it reaches the bottom is a sign that your intention encountered obstacles, but that it worked through them. (Result #2) You may want to follow up the intention with another candle to continue the intention’s work.

A glass that is black from top to bottom indicates that your intention encountered many obstacles, and it might be time to burn an uncrossing candle related to your intention before continuing with that intention. (Result #3

Burn Times:

If your candle burns completely in less than seven days, your intention is working quickly and powerfully.

If your candle extinguishes itself early, there are a few circumstances that could be taking place.

  1. Try moving your candle to a different surface and relighting it; it may be burning near a draft. Candles for different intentions should be burned on separate surfaces as they may interfere with each other.
  2. If the wick is too short to stay lit or disappears below the surface of the candle, melt the wax around the wick with a lighter and swirl the liquid wax around the sides of the glass until you have at least a 1/4″ of visible wick. Do not try to manually dig the wick out of the wax, as this will damage the wick and prevent your candle from being relit. 
  3. If your candle refuses to stay lit after taking the previous steps, consider what intention you are burning it for. Sometimes you will need to do uncrossing, cleansing, or block-breaking work to help the intention go through. Alternatively, sometimes the candle has finished its work early and the intention is already accomplished. Look for the effect of the candle to determine what may be happening.

The most powerful magic is your intentions. Have faith in what you are trying to accomplish and its inevitable success.


Candle interpretation based on the experience of our staff and information drawn from The Magical Power of the Saints by Rev. Ray T. Malbrough.